someone give these kids a break or I’ll most likely die reading it.
Yataka Yamada
Anonymous sent:
I absolutely adore your art style I was wondering if you could explain how you draw faces and like heads cause I have a lot of difficulty with constructing the face without having it look like an utter disaster sorry if your busy you don't have to do this but I was just wondering if you could help a young artist out thanks :D


Aww, thanks, anon. I’m pretty haphazard with things, but I’ll try to help.

This is your new best friend!!


The friendly neighborhood scribbly circle here is your foundation for drawing heads from any angle.


Like, any angle. 


Because even when viewed in perspective, the head still has the same amount of volume.

As for actually constructing a face and placement of features, you can see that when jotting down a face, I generally lay down those guidelines [here in green] so I have something to work off of when I’m expanding upon a sketch. I would mostly recommend being aware of the underlying structure of the face. 


If you’re going for super-anatomically-correct, you can see that facial features line up in specific, symmetrical ways.  For real though, nobody’s symmetrical and sometimes noses are long or ears are small and faces are asymmetrical or just plain different. So this is a foundation but not a cast iron rule.

I will say that the more you do it, the easier it will become! It all just takes practice. And I totally tried to screen record a sketch, but my computer is being hella slow and it keeps freezing up, so I give up. In lieu of something new, here’s an older process gif that I think shows things pretty well:


YUP. Hope this helps. o/





Let’s try this out

how badly did it hurt your soul to draw the “after” images?